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Why do you require a Thank You note?

The Thank You is told when you highly appreciate someone’s deeds. These Thank you notes can be given to the guests who were part of the grief that you have undergone by losing a special person. In fact, these kind notes will let other know that you haven’t forgotten and cannot forget their contribution on that very day and their presence is highly appreciated by you.

Rules of writing a thank you note after funeral

Though there is no hard and fast rule for writing such notes, but there are a few things that are important. Firstly, choose your words properly as they should reflect the kindness and love that you have in your heart for them. Secondly, there is no deadline to send a thank you note, so you can take your time to prepare your own set of cards. The ultimate rule of writing the Thank You Notes After Funeral is simple.

Thank You Notes After FuneralWho should come under the list to get the thank you note?

No formality is required in sending the note to every person who has attended the funeral. If you are thinking whom you should send these thank you cards or notes, then here is a list that might help you:

•    The people who have brought or sent flowers. If the work is done by a group of people, you can choose each one of them or you can choose the leader in the group and acknowledge others in the card and send it to him or her.

•    The person who might have donated in the name of your dear ones.

•    The person who might have sent a personal letter of condolence.

•    The people who were your tangible help during the service like, watching children, running errands or bringing foods.

•    The musicians whom you might have hired to perform for the service.

•    The person who might have done a reading during the service.

•    Someone who went out of their way to share a memory or story about your loved one that was quite special.

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