Funeral Thank You Notes

When your loved one or a close relative passes away, you might be confused what to do. However, behaving properly is important; otherwise everything may become award later on. In such times, when the family members of the person who passed away are going through hardships and a period of grief, one cannot just behave abruptly and leave them alone. After the funeral, it is good to convey a short message of Thank You to the people who helped to arrange the funeral. If you don’t know how to write such a note, follow the steps to learn how to write Funeral Thank You Notes.

Step One: Purchase Good Stationary

It is said that even if you don’t wish your loved ones in their happy times, they would understand that you are busy and hence you could not come to their place, but if you leave them alone in their sad times, they might not be able to trust you again. Hence, it is advisable to show your interest in the help given by people in arranging the funeral. Do not use cheap stationary products else it would impart a negative effect on your relatives. Write Thank You in bold letters, if you do not have a good handwriting, get it printed and use good quality cards. These are generally available at local stationary shops; you can also purchase boxes of such cards in case you need to thank a list of people.

Funeral Thank You NotesStep Two: Make a List of People

In hurry, you might skip some people whom you needed to thank. But this would not be fine as when he/she would come to know that you send Funeral Thank You Notes to everyone who helped in the funeral, he/she might think that he was not noticed and this may affect your relationship with him/her. Hence, it is advisable to prepare in advance a complete list of the people who came at the funeral so that no mistake is made later on. You can also take help from other family members in making the list. Do not forget anyone, people who cooked food, those who sent flowers, the director of funeral home and everybody who did even a small task during the funeral. If someone from the ecclesiastical authorities helped in the funeral, you might send a small amount of donation for the church along with the Thank You note.

Step Three: Write Just Thank You

There is no need to explain that you are thanking the person because he did so and so work. He would be mature enough to understand. Instead, just write thank You in clear fonts. If you want to elaborate, just write how much the deceased person talked about the person receiving the note and say that you were really thankful to him because he helped you in the time of great loss, when there was nobody you could have seeks help from. If you want to include something else because the receiving person is a close relative, do that, but don’t elaborate.

Step Four: Write Thank You Only If you mean it

Do not exaggerate the things. When you really think that someone helped in your sad time and they deserve thanks for that, only then you should write a thank you note. Otherwise, it would seem awkward to both you and the receiver. Death of a person might disconnect you from your relatives, saying Thank You via a note would help them to connect with you again. Take this as an opportunity but don’t make things worse by exaggerating it. Also, if you are still not over the sorrow of the deceased person and you are not in a position to write thank you notes, you can also tell a close friend to do the job for you.

Remember, you should not take it as a responsibility to hand over the notes to your loved ones. Instead, seek help from helpers of friends and if there is someone you would like to thank especially, ask him to visit your home, hand over the note to him and tell him to help you deliver the other notes to their respective recipients.